Week 6

The final week of the project this week came down to two full days of production work, before the presentation on Wednesday morning.

Some thing our team had to hear during the early mornings of Monday was, the loss of our portfolio work, due to a memory card malfunction, where I literally panicked since we had no back up done of the pages.Image

As model making needed the attention, doing these constraint hours left to deadline. Over the weekend one of the team members had gone shopping for material, to construct the final model.

Having a queue at the laser cutter was really annoying as we had no time to waste over these couple days of production left, where we had to redo portfolio work, final model and the presentation. As a team we separated of doing individual pieces of the project, Jordan had went to the library to concentrate on the portfolio work, while josh focused on getting the base ready for the model and seating and tom and I worked on the final model construction and the presentation and allocation each persons part with a slide. These two days of week six were long hours in the studio at university.

Were we had scheduled a core theory class, on Tuesday afternoon, in that case we sent a person form our group to report back.

Some bits and bobs that needs to be completed where the visual lotus chart, the photo shopping in our location and week six spider diagram of each team member.

We had left our project for printing to the last minute, towards the Wednesday morning, which wasn’t ideal, of something I would do personally, but at that stage we where willing to take the risk.

Personally we rushed the paint job of the base, which gave a tacky finish but was recovered by the hand paintwork and the construction of placing the plastic sheets over the shelter ribbed was difficult and need more time, and also those small detail of bolts.

I was surprised as a team we were able to pull our feet’s and were able to complete our assignment. A lesson learnt over the last weeks process is to always back work every couple of hours.




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