Final Blog

Finally that’s a wrap of the six-week team project for core studio of product design, of semester two. The time while the team allocated has gone super fast, during the start of the project as a team we were quite a strong as we had arrange of skill situated in our team. As a team we started of slow as we had no idea what direction the project was moving towards, it felt like we where lost over this huge project based on the intersection, were we attended lectures and were allocated tasks for the day, based on pages for the portfolio.

Generally I think I sort of enjoyed the project, as soon as we got into the drawings and model making aspect. If I had too redo some thing toward the structure of the group would, be taking the role of the team, as my organisation skills are on track. But the team project was a different experience at university as the while in semester one we focused on individual work and this experience allowed us too see what our future career job would sort of look like, basically a taste of an insight.  

 Overall I’m personally happy with what the team had to offer from the brief and the journey of the six-week with the peers. So glad to be taken on aboard of the project of the assignment. But I’m so tired now and looking forwards the mid-semester break, in a weeks time. Image


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