WEEK 5 :)


The start of week five, I feel as our group was still not sure in which direction our idea was going towards. Were slowly moving towards the last full week left of the projects, there’s just under a week left till the due date of this team project, where I believe the extra hours of the group needs to be put in towards this portfolio and also the final design, which I believe would be lazar cut.


So this week was all about spending time and finalizing our ideas for our conceptual developments of our prototypes done, and allowing to expand our ideas by combining an arrange of concepts together that work well.




The biggest goal was on the Monday morning with a fresh mind we decided to rate our concepts based on a table of shelter and seating separately. The matrix chart allowed the team to critically select based on the criteria that we focused on. After section making this allowed the group to collaborate they’re thinking by explanation of detail drawings and more, fast prototyping to communicate their ideas to the group.




Something that our group had to investigate and look into was the dimensions of the shelter and the seating and the space we have at our location, and basically thinking of the reality scale and placement into the round about allocated from the intersection.




Having concluded the idea of the shelter and seating combined as a single product in the middle of the intersection, that Tuesday afternoon was where we had class of core theory, were we had received the news of the extension of the essay which allowed everyone in the team to concentrate towards the team project only.




From the investigation of dimensions, as I group we have decided that for the amount of time we have been allocated for this assignment we wont be able to make a full scale model of the final product. As this product would be too big to move around easily.  But as s team we still need to consider the materials for the final product.




As a team goals will need to be met in terms of portfolios and practical model making in order to stay in track for the the rest of the week.


But personally I’m a bit excited to get into the practical part of the project, as I believe communicating work in a three dimensional aspect is easier for me personally vs. drawings. 



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