I believe the team is staring to pick up the pace, with the group contribution activities.

We started the week writing up our point of view statements and opportunity statement. It was difficult for the group to figure out the correct terms for the statement as the whole group need to agree on it and come to a final answer since this statement was an act of the team brief for the project. This made it hard to agree on a statement as each team member had a slightly different insight or opinion on what it should have been. Our idea began with the statement. We decided to view the project as a wicked problem, re-framing it and then narrowing it down to a manageable problem. We continued to look into the users needs which gave us surprising insight. The team narrowed the decision down to two possible opportunity outcomes which reworded statement to a simpler form and allowing to focus on one simple element of the intersection.

So after deciding what the exact wording was and what the key words represented on the statement, we got into brainstorming and generating ideas that could contribute to the statement outlining the brief that the team is willing to focus on for the intersection. I was able too learn how the group should work towards the design of our final product and making time for the ideas that are presented to the group. From narrowing down to the three ideas that we would look into further, we had too look at a list of possible constraints we could face on each of the three possible ideas yet to be expanded. Then adapting theSCAMPER ideology to the ideas and identify the needs more effectively through different perspectives.

A challenge we faced as a team was staying focused on the task and not being sided tracked with our social media!  During the weeks progress I felt we had a productive week but feel as if we still need to get a start with the portfolio. We are meeting up as a team at the end of the week to get started and I believe that each person in the team needs to start on individual pages by transferring information from the brown draft copies to the digital portfolio. Then, as a group, have a look at each page and edit till we feel like is perfect. This will allow us to work faster than spending on one page as a group. Cannot wait till next week where we get too explore our ideas visually through sketch models.



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