Week Two

Second week into the group project and our workspace studio is looking exciting with, maps, research images and ideas tacked on the boards in our workspace. I feel the second week the group has contributed quite a bit which allowed us to stay on track with the process of the team project. Our main forces for the week was to keep finishing up with the research strive forward on the conceptual stage on the process.  

During the start of the week the group focus was on interviewing and role-playing too help towards the part of the research aspect. Also the group put focus on creating the persona’s and empathy mapping while coming up with ideas as to the layout of the portfolio that we will be submitting at the end of the project.

It was good to get together as a group and work out each team members’ strengths allowing us to focus on individual parts of the project. This was also illustrated on a group spider web which was helpful to keep the team engaged and updated. We organized the team through an app that allowed us to see who’s working what hours during the week and the weekends which allows us to allocate times to continue our team project and not clash with team members commitments.

In general this second week has been positive and left the team feeling confident about our position with the project. I am slightly worried that we might be falling behind on the formal copy of the portfolio, which will be a huge priority in our goal for next week. Well that’s a wrap for week two of the group project. Looking forward to what week three has to bring to the plate. 


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