Final Blog

Finally that’s a wrap of the six-week team project for core studio of product design, of semester two. The time while the team allocated has gone super fast, during the start of the project as a team we were quite a strong as we had arrange of skill situated in our team. As a team we started of slow as we had no idea what direction the project was moving towards, it felt like we where lost over this huge project based on the intersection, were we attended lectures and were allocated tasks for the day, based on pages for the portfolio.

Generally I think I sort of enjoyed the project, as soon as we got into the drawings and model making aspect. If I had too redo some thing toward the structure of the group would, be taking the role of the team, as my organisation skills are on track. But the team project was a different experience at university as the while in semester one we focused on individual work and this experience allowed us too see what our future career job would sort of look like, basically a taste of an insight.  

 Overall I’m personally happy with what the team had to offer from the brief and the journey of the six-week with the peers. So glad to be taken on aboard of the project of the assignment. But I’m so tired now and looking forwards the mid-semester break, in a weeks time. Image


Week 6

The final week of the project this week came down to two full days of production work, before the presentation on Wednesday morning.

Some thing our team had to hear during the early mornings of Monday was, the loss of our portfolio work, due to a memory card malfunction, where I literally panicked since we had no back up done of the pages.Image

As model making needed the attention, doing these constraint hours left to deadline. Over the weekend one of the team members had gone shopping for material, to construct the final model.

Having a queue at the laser cutter was really annoying as we had no time to waste over these couple days of production left, where we had to redo portfolio work, final model and the presentation. As a team we separated of doing individual pieces of the project, Jordan had went to the library to concentrate on the portfolio work, while josh focused on getting the base ready for the model and seating and tom and I worked on the final model construction and the presentation and allocation each persons part with a slide. These two days of week six were long hours in the studio at university.

Were we had scheduled a core theory class, on Tuesday afternoon, in that case we sent a person form our group to report back.

Some bits and bobs that needs to be completed where the visual lotus chart, the photo shopping in our location and week six spider diagram of each team member.

We had left our project for printing to the last minute, towards the Wednesday morning, which wasn’t ideal, of something I would do personally, but at that stage we where willing to take the risk.

Personally we rushed the paint job of the base, which gave a tacky finish but was recovered by the hand paintwork and the construction of placing the plastic sheets over the shelter ribbed was difficult and need more time, and also those small detail of bolts.

I was surprised as a team we were able to pull our feet’s and were able to complete our assignment. A lesson learnt over the last weeks process is to always back work every couple of hours.



WEEK 5 :)


The start of week five, I feel as our group was still not sure in which direction our idea was going towards. Were slowly moving towards the last full week left of the projects, there’s just under a week left till the due date of this team project, where I believe the extra hours of the group needs to be put in towards this portfolio and also the final design, which I believe would be lazar cut.


So this week was all about spending time and finalizing our ideas for our conceptual developments of our prototypes done, and allowing to expand our ideas by combining an arrange of concepts together that work well.




The biggest goal was on the Monday morning with a fresh mind we decided to rate our concepts based on a table of shelter and seating separately. The matrix chart allowed the team to critically select based on the criteria that we focused on. After section making this allowed the group to collaborate they’re thinking by explanation of detail drawings and more, fast prototyping to communicate their ideas to the group.




Something that our group had to investigate and look into was the dimensions of the shelter and the seating and the space we have at our location, and basically thinking of the reality scale and placement into the round about allocated from the intersection.




Having concluded the idea of the shelter and seating combined as a single product in the middle of the intersection, that Tuesday afternoon was where we had class of core theory, were we had received the news of the extension of the essay which allowed everyone in the team to concentrate towards the team project only.




From the investigation of dimensions, as I group we have decided that for the amount of time we have been allocated for this assignment we wont be able to make a full scale model of the final product. As this product would be too big to move around easily.  But as s team we still need to consider the materials for the final product.




As a team goals will need to be met in terms of portfolios and practical model making in order to stay in track for the the rest of the week.


But personally I’m a bit excited to get into the practical part of the project, as I believe communicating work in a three dimensional aspect is easier for me personally vs. drawings. 



The focus on week four was to elaborate on weeks threes conceptual ideas and producing a tangible possibility of an idea. We started of a structured way of brainstorming through a lotus blossom chart. I believe I have used this technique as some stage of my assignment in semester one, but at that time the main focus was of a research purpose as for this time it has been authorized for the group to generate further ideas on our chosen idea. But over all this method was a new experience since this chart flowed in a constructed way. Personally I believe this technique followed in a sequential way that allowed the team not to miss out the miner aspect of the ideas.


The lotus blossom chart were the team started of with the strongest theme that was having an island in the middle of an intersection, which also branched out into three ideas.  As ideas had started to rapidly flow at the beginning and slowly towards the end found it challenging to generate ideas, at this point the group had also felt like where resulting of minimal thoughts being portrayed which resulted this activity taking a longer period of time to complete then initially thought out. I felt as if the group where coming to a dead end of generating ideas, but towards the end I did see some possible ideas that could be developed over the couple of days of different activities into practical exercises. The second blossom chart where we started to visually communicate each idea that allowed each one of us to show our ideas visually to each of the team members, which I thought was helpful.


Quick fire prototyping was how we ended of the week, which meant we where able to generate a series of quick, rough models that would communicate ideas through the use of form. The aim of the exercise was to come out with an outcome of seeing the importance of drawing before doing a prototype.

Where this would help develop and communicate ideas further, I felt as if during this process I wasn’t as engaged as I thought I would be a day before the activity. And formally I’m the kind of person that prefers hands on practical work as a form of demonstrating design ideas. Therefore it would be useful for if I spend some extra hours independently and allow my self to get in the zone for prototyping of design ideas drawn up on the charts.


I think as a group before Monday leading into week five of the project, that we need to continue with making sketch moulds for the rest of the week still we have concluded to a idea that the group is fully confident about developing for next week and that also meets our opportunity statement well. As a group we defiantly need to make a move on the portfolio work, as there hasn’t been much of a progress through out of the week yet.