Weekly Blog

My first week back to course in semester two was something that I had not expected from this course in terms of the theory work required. Looking deeper at the design thinking ideologies. We developed an understanding of design thinking as a group where we could integrate problem solving from a designers context.


Where we are given a brief of a group project to use design thinking and enhance the experience that pedestrians have at the intersection of Queen Street and Victoria Street. As part of the overall project, I have decided to keep a personal blog, which allows myself to reflect on the weekly progress of my team with insights that develop over the six-week period. The initial brief given was so broad, which had our group questioning their initial ideas alongside a huge restriction that was given was that we weren’t allowed to do any major architectural changes to the intersection.


So far the first week has been stressful in terms of being clueless of an initial concept of the brief that could be investigated. Another stressful part figuring out what the next steps are to drive the team forward to the final proposal. Which, in turn, sets out a structure. As a team this will allow use too combine ideas and feed knowledge of each other allowing us too improve ideas and be open to new ideas from others. I believe if we work as a aligned team, this project will run smoothly over the next couple of weeks because we work together as a team, as this will be a great opportunity for us as designers to learn of one and other and also view a career inside as a further job.